Mr. Muhammad Nauman Malik, a propitious scholar has a massive writing experience of 20-years in Accounting; making him a distinguishable and most popular author of accounting books for Cambridge O and A level students. Mr. Nauman has authored five Ordinary Level Accounting Books which include 1. Accouning O-level MCQs Paper-1 Topical/Yearly 2. Accounting O-Level Paper-2 Topical/Yearly 3. Accounting O-Level Notes 4. Accounting O-Level Theory & Practice , Mr. Nauman has authored six Advanced Level Accounting books which includes 1. AS-Level MCQs Paper-1 2. AS-Level P-2 Topical/Yearly 3. A-2 Level P-3 Topical/Yearly 4. Accounting A-Level Notes 5. Accounting AS-Level Theory & Practice 6. Accounting A-2 Level Theory & Practice He has been teaching Ordinary and Advanced Level Accounting in KIMS, LACAS, ROOTS, LGS and Garrison. He is also a regular part of the visiting Faculty at the Foundation for Advancement of Science & Technology (FAST),National University, Lahore since 2010 to teach accounting and related courses to undergraduate students.